TuniHack 2020/2021

Why pandemics and crisis management ?

The Coronavirus is affecting our society as a whole and causing invisible, but very real, societal challenges. While we may be comforted that it will have an epidemiological end, its impact on organizations may be different at different points of time.The COVID-19 crisis will likely last several months.You might say we are well beyond crisis management planning some weeks after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) but we can not deny that a society will be the subject of considerable future scrutiny, the likely duration of the crisis still allows individuals and organizations to implement some basic crisis management best practices. So how can you help the world in managing crisis that pandemics cause ?


Sincere and thoughtful thanks are sent to all the judges who honoured by their precious presence the National School of Computer Sciences and the Ossec family. We really appreciate your participation!

  • Mme Imen Ayari
  • Mr Sami Belhadj
  • Mr Rasha FRIJI
  • Mr Bechir Raddaoui