TuniHack 2018/2019

Why DATA-Driven-Future?

We still care about where the data comes from. We still care about how it gets transformed and how it moves, and we still care about how it ends up. We still need to know who is using it, and why, and what for.

Our Speakers

Marouan Ouri
Chief Architect and Digital Transformation Director chez Cognizant à l'UAE
Wahiba Ben Fredj
Directeur de projet au ministère des finance, experte senior SI, Enseignante à l'INSAT
Nizar Kerkeni 
Enseignant universitaire et fondateur de l'association CLibre
Maha rebai  
Big data & Machine Learning Engineer chez TALAN Conférence sur : Les Architectures et les solutions commerciales du BIG DATA

Our Workshops

Naiel zoueidi
Samir Allous
Wassim Kallel and Amine Troudi
How Cloud is boosting data engineering
Bechir Nemleghi
Baraa Saïd
Python for machine learning

Thanks to our 2018 Sponsors!


Sincere and thoughtful thanks are sent to all the judges who honoured by their precious presence the National School of Computer Sciences and the Ossec family. We really appreciate your participation!

  • Mme Imen Ayari
  • Mr Marouan Ouri
  • Mr Bechir Nemlaghi
  • Mme Oumayma Dalhoumi
  • Mr Moez Basslah