TuniHack 2017/2018

Why Smart-Gov? Why we should fight berucracy ?

A bureaucracy is a complex structure of offices,tasks,rules andprinciples of organizationthat are employedby all large scale institutions to coordinate thework of their personnel. We need a little more ordre and a little less chaos. So what’s the solution ? It’s Simly smartgov.

What is Smart-Gov

SMART Governance is the use of innovative policies, business models, and technology to address the financial, environmental, and service challenges facing public sector organizations. The concept of Smart Government relies on consolidated information systems and communication networks.

Our Speakers

Majed Khalfallah
Mss Rim Garnoui
Assistant Director and Public Services Advisor in the Electronic Administration Unit. Teacher at the National School of Administration "ENA" Member of several steering committees in the e-Gov and Open Gov domains
Khaled Khdira
Mr Souhail Alouini
Deputy to the Assembly of People's Representatives Pediatric Surgeon
Mr Mohamed Channoufi
Security incident shift lead at Access Now Computer Science Engineer

Our Workshops

Amine Nouira
Sami Belhadj
Imen Ayari
Samir Allous
Mr Hamdi Gabsi
Cloud Computing
Bechir Nemleghi
Bechir Nemlaghi
Bechir Nemleghi
Mss Rahma Sghaier
Mr Giovanni

Our Sponsors


Sincere and thoughtful thanks are sent to all the judges who honoured by their precious presence the National School of Computer Sciences and the Ossec family. We really appreciate your participation!

  • Mme Imen Ayari, Head of Innovation Factory Talan.
  • Mr Sami Belhadj, Technical & Delivery Team Manager New Access
  • Mr Samir Allous , CTO(le directeur technique) à BMYBIT LTD
  • Mr Yasine Mezrani,Team leader Scrum Master JAVA/JEE chez Talan Tunisie.
  • Mr Zied ALaya,Department Head at ESPRIT.